Council of Verona

Council of Verona Review

The feud between the Capulets and Montagues continues with the Council of Verona! Prince Escalus is trying to bring peace back to the kingdom and has formed a council to oversee the process!  Unfortunately the council is made up mostly of Capulets and Montagues!  Ooops!  Now the feud continues over the council table and players must use  politics and influence to win the feud!

Council of Verona is a fun and easy game that doesn’t take a lot of set up or time! It is the perfect size for what I call a “pocketbook game,” which means that it is easy to carry and can be played almost anywhere! That being said it is deeper and has more strategy than one would think!

Although it is intended for 2-5 players, it is much more fun with 2!  The strategy is more complex that with multiple players!

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I would definitely recommend this game with 8/10 stars for 2 players and 6/10 stars for 3 or more playe


8 stars yellow  2 players

6 stars yellow    3+ players

Happy Gaming!


(Crash Games–Council of Verona Game Company)

(Wil Wheaten’s Table Top-Watch the game being played!)

(Board Game Geek)


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