Saturday (Farmer’s Market, Shopping, Pathfinder and Dr. Who)

There is never enough time in the day to get everyday done during the weekends, but it seems like Ken and I always give it a go!  We try to go to the Farmer’s Market every couple of weeks!  It is always nice to have the fresh veggies of the season.  They also have to die for cheese made by some local dairy farmers. It is all natural and their cows are free range and treated extremely well!  As much as possible, we try to buy animal products from farms that have high standards for treating the animals humanely.

When we got home, Ken and I did our usual Saturday house cleaning and then settled in to create a Pathfinder character for me.  It is just Ken and I when we play a role playing game, so I have to play up to three characters.  We are starting a Pathfinder campaign, so today we are creating a half-elf Druid.  She will soon be joined by a Wizard and a Fighter.  More to follow on these characters!

To cap off the day, we did a little catching up on Dr. Who.  Rumor is that Clara will die this season.  I have mixed emotions about that! She is not my favorite companion, but Dr. Who seems like he will be lost without her!  To be a time traveler who is a zillion years old, he is oddly vulnerable when by himself!  I guess we will see hw this adventure plays out!

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