Snow (actually ice) Weekend

Snow Weekend

It was a really nice long weekend!  We had a snow day on Friday, which was nice! We slept in and I spent a lot of the day curled up on the couch reading and drinking herbal tea!  Ken and I played some World of Warcraft and then we curled up on the couch and watched Blade!  Lazy day!

The roads were better on Saturday so we ventured nto Charlotte to the Whole Foods. I love that place! We had lunch, bought some specialty cheeses and headed home!  After a nap I fixed dinner! The whole family was home, so that was nice! Afterwards Ken and I caught up on Black List,  OMG, that is such an awesome show!  I love it! The we watched the first 2 episodes of Jessica Jones.  I was not crazy about that show. It was so dark.  I also finished reading a book by our friend Lee. It was a collection of novellas and short stories set in Atlanta.  It was fun reading about places that I know! I am impresed that he actually wrote a book! I would love to have that focus!

Today was fantastic! I slept late and then finished up lesson plans(yuck) while watching  The Vampire Diaries! Then I read, wrote, played Arcadia Quest (more game info to follow).  We watched the Panthers kick Cardinal butt while I write and Ken is watching a show about Bigfoot in Atlanta.  Don’t ask me why!  🙂   Now I am going to read til bedtime.  Yay!


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