A Little About Me

I am Charlotte! I am a mother, wife, daughter, teacher, gamer, reader, cook.  At some point, I hope to add writer and podcaster to the list!  I do most of these things on any given day and that explains my wandering mind and tiredness!  I am looking to make some gradual changes in my life that will hopefully energize me mentally and physically!

I have had this site since my birthday and have not had the time or energy to “fix it up!”   The holiday season hopefully will allow me to give “Charlottekennedy,xyz” the time it deserves!  The website was a gift from my fabulous husband Ken and I have been trying to decide what I waned to use it for!  After much contemplation, I think I will use it for EVERYTHING! 🙂   So, if you are reading,my posts, you might read about games (all kinds), books,teaching, nutrition, exercise (or lack there of), career changes, cons and festivals, cooking, costumes, tv (Who, Walking Dead, Originals, Vampire Diaries, Star Trek, HGTV, etc.),  zombies, vampires, pets. happiness, tiredness, sadness, frustration, or a variety of random topics!   So, if you are in any way interested in any of these topics from my point of view, grab a seat and read along!




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