Atlanta Tourist Mini Vacation

Atlanta Vacation

Last week , Ken and I had a fun mini-vacation.  This has been one of those crazy summers when a real vacation just didn’t fit into our life! Plus, we have 6 zillion animals so it is a little hard to be gone for too long  This time, Savannah (our daughter) took care of the masses  The masses actually consist of 2 dogs, 4 cats, a fish and the numerous wildlife birds and squirrels that Ken takes care of!  Tales of all of these crazies is a whole different post!

Anyway, we decided to become Atlanta tourists!  My husband Ken works in Atlanta and still has a townhouse there.  He only has to be there one night a week, so we decided to vacation around his work schedule.

Saturday night was so much fun!!!! We went to the Fox Theater to see “The Breakfast Cub.”   It was fantastic! Ken and I are both children of the 80’s, so this was a fun blast from the past for us!  Afterwards, we went to the Vortex and had the best hamburgers in the world!  We had a few beers and made a few new friends and then it was a Lyft ride back to the townhouse!

Sunday we had a lazy morning and then took Marta to Peachtree Center.  I was craving Gibney’s Pub and we were going to lunch there and then to the CNN tour.  I was disappointed when we got there an they were closed on Sunday, but I knew we could come back anther day!  So, we started the walk to CNN, not a terribly long walk, but it seemed like one in the 95 degree weather that we have enjoyed in the South this year! We had an so-so lunch at the Park Grill.  Then on to CNN Center, which was very interesting! We had fun and learned some new things! After sightseeing a bit more, we had a yummy early dinner and enjoyed people watching.  We wrapped the day p with a board game and Dr. Who!

Monday was another tourist day!  We went to the Margaret Mitchell house.  I really enjoyed that!  She was quite the lady!   The next stop was the Capitol.  We both love history that we stayed there as long as we could. It was right at closing when we left.  We tried to eat at Gibney’s again, but they were closed for cleaning! I almost cried!  Not only was I really looking forward to the Gibney’s fare, but I had not eaten all day!  We had to settle for Taco Mac.

Tuesday, we went to Lafayette,  GA to see Ken’s day!  It was a nice time!  We looked at old pictures and heard lots of stories from Ken’s dad!  We also saw all the goodies that he gets at yard sales and auctions!  That night, Ken’s friend Andy came over.  He brought Kofta and Turkey Fritters which were delicious!  Then there was a lot of talking, laughter and games!  They night ended at 5 A.M!

Wednesday was a stay home day.  They were putting in a new air conditioner so I binge watched Dr. Who! We did go across the street for fried avocado tacos at the local Mexican restaurant! OMG! They were so good! How can you go wrng with fried and avocado?  Then for a visit to Battle and Brew to end the evening and the short vacation!  Love that place! I get to go to the bathroom in a Tardis!  🙂

Headed home tomorrow!  I am sure that there will be 2 puppies and 4 kitties that will be very happy that mom and dad are home!

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